The Whitetide Streak, Book 1

Personal trainer Diesel Reed desires a mate who can meet the insatiable demands of his inner tiger. Unfortunately, none of the women he trains spark a challenge.

Until Carina Parker, his curvaceous new client, walks into his gym.

Carina has given up on conventional love, thanks to her lousy luck with dating apps. Her sexy new trainer flutters her heart, but he’s way out of her league.

Diesel thinks Carina is the perfect woman he is looking for, but Carina seems to be training hard to impress someone else. Frustrated, Diesel turns to his sister, Cammy Reed, for advice.

But instead of answers, Diesel’s encounter with his eccentric kid sister leaves him reeling in shock.

A threat from Diesel’s past traps Carina in the middle of a deadly family feud. With love and honor hanging in the balance, Diesel is faced with a bitter choice: duty or happiness?