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Hello, awesome reader! Are you interested in helping me further? Have a look around this page for some fun, quick, and easy ways to help spread the word about my books. Whether you’re a new reader or super fan, I’m very grateful for you. Without my readers and fans, my dreams of sharing my creations with the world wouldn’t be possible. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

  • REVIEW my books and post your reviews at the major book retailer sites like Amazon, B&N, and Apple, as well as your blog (if applicable) and reader communities like Goodreads and BookBub. – Reviewing is the #1 most effective way to help!
  • REQUEST my books at your local library.
  • SHARE any of the graphics or tweets on your social media pages.
  • ADD AND RECOMMEND my books on Goodreads and BookBub.
  • SELECT your most helpful Amazon reviews of my books.
  • FOLLOW me on all your favorite social networks, as well as Amazon, Goodreads, and BookBub.
  • INVITE your friends and family to join my reader groups and social media pages.
  • STAY ACTIVE on my social media pages.
  • TELL your reader friends and family about my books!


I understand times can be hard, and reading can be an expensive endeavor. If you are unable to afford my books, I encourage you to request them at your local public library. You can read all of my ebooks for free on library platforms like Overdrive, Libby, and Hoopla.

If you can’t find my books at your local public library, then please request them! Librarians are always looking for new and exciting authors for their physical and digital bookshelves, and your request will help so many new readers discover my books!

And did you know? You can read your checked-out library ebooks on your phone, tablet, and e-reader (including Kindle) device!


Here are some some comments/questions I’ve gotten from Kindle Unlimited readers in the past concerning my books. While your local public library is still the most cost-effective solution, there are other options to read my books on “all-you-can-read” subscription platforms like Kindle Unlimited.

Question/Comment: “Why aren’t your ebooks in Kindle Unlimited? I only read books in the Kindle Unlimited Program. I have never read any of your books yet because they are not in Kindle Unlimited.”

Answer: Kindle Unlimited is unlimited for readers, but very limited for authors. I believe in making my ebooks accessible to everyone all over the world. Having my ebooks in Kindle Unlimited means that I would not be able to have them available to public libraries and places in the world where Kindle Unlimited is not available. For this reason, I have chosen to keep my books out of the Kindle Unlimited program.

There is a service that is virtually identical to the Kindle Unlimited program, but cheaper in price and much better in value. Enter the Kobo Plus program!

Kobo Plus is a reading subscription platform, just like Kindle Unlimited, but costs less. You can have access to both ebooks and audiobooks, depending on the plan you choose.

With Kindle Unlimited, you only get access to ebooks, and you have to pay a separate subscription to Audible in order to get access to audiobooks.

Having access to both ebooks and audiobooks for one low monthly price makes Kobo Plus a much better deal.

You will essentially be able to read some of my titles in the Kobo Plus program for FREE.

Question/Comment: “I primarily use Kindle Unlimited because I read a lot of books, I am on a fixed income and can’t afford to buy that many books, and/or I can’t find the books I want to read at my local public library.”

Answer: If you are a Kindle Unlimited-only reader, unable to afford my books, and/or unable to find my books at your local public library, then Kobo Plus might be a great program for you to check out. There are millions of books in the Kobo Plus program that are not in the Kindle Unlimited program, so there are even more new authors and books for you to discover!

If you just want to read unlimited ebooks, then Kobo Plus costs less than Kindle Unlimited, so you not only save money, but you still get to read all the amazing books you want!

If you want access to both audiobooks and ebooks, then you would still be saving money with Kobo Plus, because you don’t have to worry about buying a separate audiobook subscription.

Audible costs extra and you only get a single credit per month. Kobo Plus includes both ebooks and audiobooks for a single price. You can listen to as many audiobooks as you want without restrictions or credits.

If you are looking to save some money, and have truly unlimited access to ebooks and audiobooks, definitely check out Kobo Plus!

You can read and listen to Kobo Plus books/audiobooks on your phone, mobile device, tablet, or any ereader of your choice (yes, that also includes your Kindle device). The Kobo app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Kobo Plus offers a 30-day free trial for you to check out the vast array of books and audiobooks. I encourage you to give the program a try and consider making the switch away from Kindle Unlimited. There are tons of new-to-you authors and books for you to discover in Kobo Plus!

By the way, if you use the Rakuten app, you get 2.5% cash back on Kobo ereader devices! Click or tap here to learn more.

P.S. …and did you also know? You can read your checked-out library ebooks on your phone, tablet, and e-reader (including Kindle) device!