Sweet Stripes

The Whitetide Streak, Book 2

An intense meeting with his sister leaves Gauge Reed skeptical of seizing the alpha position of the Whitetide Streak, as well as finding a mate who can satisfy his inner tiger’s demands.

As Gauge sets out to plan his next move, he encounters Aniyah Evans, an intriguing plus-sized beauty who accidentally stumbled into the middle of a vicious clan war.

Aniyah Evans, an aspiring pastry chef, had decided to put conventional love on the back burner after several failed relationships. After a near-death encounter with the bloodthirsty Silverfang wolf clan, Aniyah is left face to face with the handsome stranger who rescued her. His charm and chivalrous actions makes her reconsider risking her heart once more.

But getting close to Gauge comes with a price. With war and bloodshed threatening the future of the Whitetide Streak, will Aniyah take her place as Gauge’s mate and fight beside him, or is Gauge destined to fight alone?